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6:56am 06-24-2012
設計妙絕,恬靜宜人 (Tasarım Miaojue, sessiz ve güzel)
8:20am 06-22-2012
Christopher Bingham
Selcuklu Evi is a wonderful hotel and your stay is most unique. Halil Beh and Brigitte provide most friendly and hospitable attention, with the opportunity for unique hikes, tours and insights into Turkish culture. The food is savory and plentiful. My stay was several years ago, and was one of the most memorable of all my travels. I would go back if the opportunity presented itself. Urgup is a captivating city, as is Capadoccia a region. Selcukli Evi is not a typical stay by any stretch of the imagination!
7:51pm 04-10-2010
Marie Jo et Alain
Magnifique hôtel, un dépaysement total dans cadre magnifique et un endroit très calme. Les gozleme étaient très appréciées le matin... nous reviendrons.
9:48am 03-20-2010
Here we find a sign that small upscale hotels are alive and doing well in Turkey. Property is spotless and the passion for guest services comes through in this private property. To be recommended!
1:01pm 10-05-2009
folker uhe
what a beautıful place !!! we are happy beıng here !!! we would lıke to return as soon as possıble ... I guess some of our frıends at home wıll be the next poeple comıng to SELCUKLU EVI and to CAPPADOCIA of course for theır own experıence of thıs great landscape !!!
9:10am 09-21-2009
Mike Dadik
Wonderful accomnodations. We loved the meals and the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.
9:35am 09-14-2009
Henrıc ve Berthy van
Çok güzel!!!! We enjoyed it very much. The peaceful harmony, friendly people. Teşekküler ve gürüserüz.
10:03am 09-09-2009
Felicitas u.Bernd
Ein wunderschoenes Hotel, ein hübsches Plaetzchen - wir haben uns hier sehr wohlgefühlt. Herzlichen Dank, alles Gute der Familiıe und ihren Mitarbeitern.
9:11am 08-09-2009
Charlotte & Tom Lunn
We have had a superb tıme. The staff have been so helpful and welcomıng. Thıs has been the hıghlıght of our honeymoon.Thank you so much.
12:03pm 07-30-2009
Bernard (Deauville)
Nous reviendrons, tout était merveilleux , un grand merci.
5:20pm 07-15-2009
Ben Wendel
My famıly and I stayed here two nıghts. It ıs lıke a medıval room wıth some modern attachments. It ıs a great place
3:41pm 07-14-2009
Larisa Selivanova
Good site. Thank you!
5:50pm 07-12-2009
Carmen (Madrid)
Un verdadero "Hotel con encanto" Completamente recomendable.
Si venis puedes pedir el yacuzzi en la habitacion.
9:07am 07-09-2009
Mabelle (Canada)
What a wonderful place ! Keep up the good work.
9:05am 07-09-2009
Patrice et Chantal
Etablissement de charme et de grande classe. On ne peut rêver mieux dans cette région aux paysages lunaires. Nous reviendrons.
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